Welcome to Madam  Belle's Saloon

Serving up food and beverages 7 days a week, Madam Belle's also offers free pool, darts and shuffle board.   The venue also has a large, private party room.   The party room offers state of the art stereo, 5 large screen TVs and catering menus to fit any budget.  In addition, there is no room rental fee!


Originally built in the 1880s, our building served various functions over the years, including that of a storied saloon and brothel beginning in the early 1900’s.

Purchased by Cybil and Mike Schweitzer just after the turn of the century, the couple's saloon attracted people from all over the area.  Having gained a reputation as one of Wisconsin’s most notorious and busiest saloons, the couple looked to “diversify” their business interests.   While Mike added a second story to the building, Cybil began to acquire the skills, manners, and business contacts that would allow her to become one of the area’s most popular and powerful madams. 

Cybil's upstairs "girls" entertained customers day and night.  When a guest purchased a token downstairs, Cybil would kick the bell hanging over the bar (which is still here) letting the girls know that “company was coming up” and giving a quick thrill to saloon patrons.  Farmers, business men, politicians and gangsters accessed the hidden door that lead upstairs to Madam Belle’s girls. 

With the passage of the 18th Amendment and Prohibition, the bar’s success and notoriety continued to expand. With a roster of powerful clients and money to pay any troublesome officials, Prohibition did nothing to slow down Mike and Cybil’s businesses.   Located on an early route between Chicago and northern Wisconsin, Madam Belle’s became a stopover for a variety of shady characters and Chicago mob affiliates. In fact, Frank Capone, Al’s brother, put two bullet holes in the wall which you can still see today.

After Mike died, Cybil continued to run the business, upstairs and down, until her death in the 1960s.  Even in her passing, her legend lives on. 

Steeped in history, Madam Belle’s continues to provide drinks, entertainment (albeit of a legal nature) and home cooking.  After over a 100 years, pleasure is STILL our business 7 days a week.  We hope that you will enjoy your visit with us and come back to see us often!




(262) 677-9272



W204 N14025 Fond Du Lac

Richfield, WI 53076



Su - Thu 11a - 1:30a
F-Sa 11a -2a